Residential Nurse (Part Time)

Sep 15, 2016
Oct 13, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description:

POSITION: Residential Nurse (Part time: 19 hours/week) PROGRAM ASSIGNMENT: Abilis Greenwich Residential Programs Greenwich/Stamford SCHEDULE WORK HOURS: The part-time Residential Nurse is a non-exempt position and develops a work schedule in conjunction with the Director of Health Services to assure adequate availability to manage the health needs of the residents and maintain regulatory standards. IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Health Services CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH: Program Directors, Program Managers, Executive Director, Associate Day Counselors, families of residents of ARC homes and health care professionals MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Education: A nursing degree from an accredited college or university with a current Connecticut license Substitute for Education: None Experience: Three years full time employment delivering clinical services GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Residential Nurse is the licensed health professional within the Residential Programs. The nurse (1) assures medical services are rendered in a timely fashion (2) monitors medical related documentation and (3) insures compliance with state and federal regulations. The Residential Nurse must be flexible to adapt to a multitude of situations to meet the health needs of the individual residents. KEY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: 1. Assists all individuals of the home in achieving optimal health and insures that they receive quality medical care. 2. Maintains an effective infection control program to assure a safe and healthful environment for residents and staff. 3. Develops for each person an individualized health plan with objectives and strategies that are reevaluated and adjusted. 4. Participates in the Individual Plan process as medical representative and consulting nurse to the interdisciplinary team. 5. Evaluates overall health needs of each person and obtains appropriate health services and specialty consultations (i.e. neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gynecology). 6. Communicates with guardian/family members, etc. on related medical issues. 7. Consults with health care providers and supervises implementation of the medical treatment program as recommended to assure prompt, appropriate health care to individuals. 8. Provides in-service instruction to staff on medication administration, first aid, communicable disease, seizures, sexual awareness, and detecting illnesses, basic skills in health care and other health issues as needed. 9. Supervises and monitors residential staff in giving health care to residents which complies with health care standards and regulations. 10. Monitors the effectiveness of medications and observes for tardive dyskinesia. Ensures compliance with DDS Policy and Program Review Committee recommendations (ex. renew medication incident reports). 11. Works independently but refers any unresolved concerns to Program Manager or Director for further direction. 12. Will serve as appointed on Abilis's standing Committees such as Protection & Advocacy Response Team, Infectious Disease Control Committee, Admissions Committee, etc. 13. Be responsible for supervision and quality assurance of medication certification, unlicensed personnel, per Department of Developmental Services and Abilis' Medication Administration Policy, including documentation of: ON-SITE LAB PRACTICUM, annual evaluation review, quarterly medication review, reporting medication errors 14. Monitor and document on an ongoing basis, but at least monthly/quarterly documentation pertaining to the administration of medication. 15. Provide counseling and advice to residential staff when a health related problem arises (see Medical Criteria Call List). Be available by phone to support staff. 16. Attend DDS Nursing Network meetings. 17. Performs related duties as required.

Company Description:

Abilis (ABLE-ISS), a nonprofit (501c3) agency, previously was known as Greenwich ARC. It began in Greenwich in 1951, when parents and the local Junior League and Community Chest joined forces to help children with developmental disabilities.

Today, Abilis meets the myriad needs of people with developmental disabilities ?? not only in childhood, but throughout their lives.

Abilis works in schools, civic organizations and with families in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and throughout Fairfield County and into Westchester County in New York state.

Abilis provides employment services for adults and residential support to adults in more than a dozen homes owned by Abilis in Greenwich and Stamford, as well as to people living more independently in apartments and condominiums.

Many families work with us for weeks or months. For others, the journey lasts years or even a lifetime. In every case, Abilis ?? respect for people ?? their abilities, needs and dreams ?? drives everything we do.