Supervisor Of Elementary Special Education

Danbury Public Schools District
Oct 06, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Danbury's Special Education Department administers the provision of services across the District to over 1,000 identified students. Four Supervisors of Special Education, with two (2) assigned to elementary education and two (2) assigned to secondary education, report directly to the Director of Special Services. Each Supervisor has responsibility for oversight of the provision of Special Education and related student services at designated school sites, teaming with Building Administrators to oversee planning, organization and direction in the provision of services. Under this student support team model, this Supervisor has oversight responsibility for certified and non-certified staff delivering such services, including teachers, social workers, school psychologists, SLPs and related providers.

Duties and Responsibilities include:

* Supervision and Management of Instructional Programs in District

* Implements and supervises the instructional special education program and pupil services program at the elementary level in designated sites.

* Works cooperatively with administrative and instructional staff to insure program effectiveness, including the efffective use of resources

* Organizes and uses an evaluation process to improve program service delivery.

* Sets objectives and communicates them with administrative staff and special education/PPS staff in each school, in keeping with District objectives.

* Serves as a resource in matters relating to methods, materials, goals and objectives established within the department.

* Identifies and selects annual system-wide program improvement goals

* Integrates and monitors new programs and changes to existing programs

* Supervision of Personnel

* Supervises, observes, and evaluates assigned certified and non-certified staff, including Special Education and PPS service providers, in keeping with the District's Teacher Evaluation Plan and non-certified evaluation plans.

* Engages in intensive support where necessary, and participates in administration of disciplinary action where appropriate.

* Develops a staffing plan for utilization by Building Administrators.

* Oversees provision of professional development services as needed, including presenting resources to staff.

* Assists in the selection, hiring and orientation of new hires.

* Support of Pupil Services

* Participates in and oversees PPT, reviewing data for special education students and coordinating data reporting as required by law. Works with all service providers to insure compliance with IEPs, with evaluation of such compliance on an ongoing basis.

* Insures placement of all exceptional children in the Least Restrictive Environment

* Insures that all current federal, state and local special education legislation and implementing regulations and guidelines are followed.

* Management of Funds and Records

* Participates in identifying and completing grant applications relating to special education or the provision of services.

* Assists in preparing funding proposals and reporting of data necessary for reimbursement of funds or similar fiscal accountability.

* Assumes responsibility for maintenance of all student records, with particular attention to privacy requirements.

* Identifies and recommends to the Director of Student Services the budget requirements necessary to implement department goals and objectives.

* Acts as liaison to outside agencies and organizations to assist in the provision of community based services.

Preferred Skills:

1. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with other team members to commit to constructive and effective provision of services to identified students.

2. Strong organizational and presentation skills

3. Supervisory experience in the school setting

4. Familiarity with the administration of Teacher Evaluation Plans (Marzano or similar experience preferred)

5. Experience with budget management and grant writing considered

6. Strong technology skills, including familiarity with student data management systems such as PowerSchool and IEP Direct.

Terms of Employment: Starting salary of $112,970, and in accordance with negotiated agreement with the Danbury School Administrators Association. This position has a 206-day work year. Additional benefits can be found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a copy of which can be found at .

Certification Requirements:

Intermediate Administration or Supervision (092) required

Connecticut State Department of Education Certification as School Psychologist preferred; Special Education certification otherwise required.

Application Procedure:

Please go on-line at job listings