Sr. Principal R&D Scientist

PerkinElmer, Inc.
Feb 14, 2017
Feb 27, 2017
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
The Chromatography research team is PerkinElmer's internal technical experts; this team is the hub of our knowledge on technology and how it is used to perform measurements in customer laboratories. The research team maintains the competiveness our chromatography product portfolio by proposing and leading research initiatives for new and improved technologies. To be a powerful ambassador for PerkinElmer in the scientific community. Function as a member of the Chromatography Research and Technology team responsible for bringing innovation into our products and providing technical support to the Business Planning activities, functional engineering support and fourth-level field support. Be an integral part of a boundary-less organization.

Key responsibilities:

Technology innovation

Create, identify and drive opportunities for technology improvement and development. Lead, coordinate and conduct practical breadboard and evaluation of such technologies, review the work of others and report findings and make recommendations. Focus on opportunities for innovation and propose new research projects for consideration. Negotiate and manage collaborative research projects with external centers of excellence.

Expertise in the field

Maintain knowledge of technologies and applications of chromatographic products developed by third parties by discussing with outside experts, attending conferences and reading literature. Apply deep technical knowledge of the domain to product line strategy and roadmap decisions.

Promote a good image of science and innovation at PerkinElmer

Represent the company by presenting papers at seminars and conferences and participating in their scientific organization. Liaise with key scientists and organizations to develop a network of expertise that can be called upon as and when required. Participate in regulatory committees as appropriate. Produce papers and articles for scientific journals. Generate application notes and proof statements to support the introduction of new products.

Provide technical advice and guidance to senior management

Be involved in high-level discussions with members of the senior management team to provide technical advice and guidance to assist in strategy-related decisions. Present opportunities for new technology to the senior team. Drive investigations into technical issues with current products in the field and with products under development. Establish cause of issues, make recommendations to the senior team and assist with remedial actions.

Product Development Process related activities

Assist with formal processes to support Product Development Process related developments ? for instance be involved in the production of documents and reviews related to Product Concept, User Requirements Documents and Design Verification and Design Validation.

Job Requirements :

Technical Know-how Be an established and recognized technical and scientific authority in the field of gas chromatography with PhD in the space. Will have published scientific papers, articles and books on GC and will have actively participated in scientific conferences. Will demonstrate advanced understanding of chromatographic science and technology. Understands the scientific principles behind chromatography (GC and/or LC): critical components in an instrument, what factors affect performance, how to develop methods and how to process data. Applies broad knowledge and seasoned experience when addressing complex issues; takes all critical information into account when making recommendations and decisions. Able to design and coordinate experiments to evaluate novel technology.

Practical ability Was able to disassemble and reassemble chromatographic products, make modifications to products and carry out practical evaluations in an efficient and logical manner. Can work independently to build early stage breadboards of new technology and evaluation systems.

Technical Support Provided technical support, when required, on issues with shipping products. Investigated and identified root cause of issues, recommended remedial actions and assisted in the validation of the developed solution. Supported development of new products with advice and recommendations and performed initial evaluations to establish proof of concept.

Project Involvement Demonstrated ability to set up and lead a collaborative product-definition process based on a thorough understanding of science, technology, customer requirements and competitive offerings. Provided key documentation to support the project.

Personal Effectiveness/Influence. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain strong relationships among functional group in the organization and employ strong leadership skills to establish convergence among people and ideas. Communicates information, opinions, observations and conclusions so that they are understood and can be acted upon. Considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings and perspectives of different people in different situations. Leads with personal power rather than position power.

Leadership/Supervision. Establishes clear directions and works effectively with others to accomplish the work of the unit; distributes workload appropriately; monitors process, progress, and results appropriately; delivers timely and useful feedback on performance; demonstrates an interest in the development of people and prepares them to take on greater responsibilities; is someone that people like working with and for.

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PerkinElmer is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, or veteran status or any other characteristics protected by applicable law. PerkinElmer is committed to a culturally diverse workforce.

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